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sick of living at home/homesick for our old home on hollywood street
creds: thank u to musical genius/tech wizard fenn macon for helping hannah record her songs. thank u to marina's mom (mary) for letting marina use garageband on her computer. thank u to our parents for letting us live at home during these strange times as we figure out what to do with our lives and write songs about it.


released April 17, 2017



all rights reserved


sleepovers Worcester, Massachusetts

sleepovers is marina khananayev, hannah corbin, and jacob folsom-fraster. just a bass, drums, guitar, and some ambiguous feelings.

we're lookin to play shows in and around Worcester!

email if you want us to play!
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Track Name: horoscope
i'm sitting here waiting on tax returns
so i can move out of my parents house
it's already february and i said i'd be gone in november
i make really good coffee drinks for the people in my neighborhood
and they all ask me what you study while you were at school

and i tell em nothing i don't know anything
nothing i don't have a degree
and i know it's not true, i just don't want to talk to you

and i spend my evenings watching shit tv
have you ever seen teen mom og?
i've become the queen of apathy
and there's nothing more cute

if you call the house phone i'm not picking up
if you call the house phone i'm not picking up
i've deleted my facebook like 6 times since i've been back
and my self control
is under my own personal attack
Track Name: my alarm clock doesn't work
I was sitting in my room
all I thought about was you
I was sitting in my room
there was nothing I could do

waiting for my phone to ring
my dog looks over at me
my moms getting on my nerves
and I never see my dad cuz he's at work

I kno that it's wrong to
sleep in so late
but when I set my alarm
I just sleep thru the day
I sleep thru the year
I sleep thru my life

tellin you what you wanna hear
I'll move away and go start my "career"
but that's not what I wanna do
I'd rather just ride my bike with you

I kno that it's dumb to waste all this time
but when I think too far ahead
I just wanna cry
so that's what I'll do
while I'm thinkin of you
Track Name: big loser
wish i smoke cigarettes
then i'd have something to do
sitting at this party
with no one to talk to
and i'd ride my bike
but i left it at home
so i'll head back
just a girl at night scared to walk home alone

and i'm in a new city
and no one's dancing with me
and that's alright
i've got a dog and a bed tonight

and i really like it here
despite the expensive beer
and everyone's in a band
i just became their biggest fan

and what do i do?
what do i do?
what do i do?
i won't move without you.
Track Name: wtf is a crush anyway
what are we supposed to think about while we're making out?
on someone else's couch

should I say something or laugh it off?
when your beard is sharp
the bristles scrape my mouth

I don't know what this feeling is
we talked a lot, you asked me should we kiss?

I'm not sure if this is what I like
but every book I read
put that thought in my head

is it dumb or just impossible?
that a girl and boy don't have to fall in love

I'm sure that it means something
when your tongue is in my mouth but
all I think about is how we only really talked about
stupid little things like what we ate for lunch that day
I wish you'd tell me bout your mom
or what you thought about today
Track Name: dater
i hate that i want to date you
i put up such a fight
and i made you believe that it wasn't right

i hate that i want to date you
and now i'm on my knees
it's embarrassing for me
i hate that i want to date you

i would move to wherever you are
i would move to wherever you are
just sorry it took me so long
i'm sorry it took me so long
Track Name: early march
today it snowed
in early march
at least my dog
was there to watch
me while i worked
in the driveway
i had to clear the snow away

he was sitting there
he didn't help but i didn't care
i wondered if his butt got cold
i told him don't go in the road

he dug his face
deep in the snow
he forgets
he's getting older
the vet tells me
he's doing fine
but still i'm scared
he's gonna die

my dog is my best friend
he never asks me for anything
except a walk and some treats
he's always lickin at my feeeeeeet