rough cuts

by sleepovers

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Kim Proulx
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Kim Proulx It really reminds me of old Tegan and Sara records for some reason. And they're my faves so I'm digging it! Saw them Friday and I really love these guys. So simple yet so much talent !
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dbonz be careful with these songs cause they'll rip yr got dang heart out Favorite track: walk the dog.
Christopher Pirsos
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Christopher Pirsos five rad tunes as authentic as they come, i've laughcried to em all and you will too Favorite track: too nice outside.
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these are some demo's we've been working on. they are pretty rough, but enjoy! full ep with more songs coming soon.


released December 16, 2015

Fenn Macon
Jacob Folsom- Fraster
Adam Wriggins
AND all of our supportive and beautiful friends



all rights reserved


sleepovers Worcester, Massachusetts

sleepovers is marina khananayev, hannah corbin, and jacob folsom-fraster. just a bass, drums, guitar, and some ambiguous feelings.

we're lookin to play shows in and around Worcester!

email if you want us to play!
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Track Name: i wanna start a band
i wanna start a band with all my best friends
we'll sing about the things, that make us proud
that make us proud, that make us proud
i like getting high, i like having sex in parking lots with you
might not make myself feel proud,
but it sure made me feel good
made me feel good

i wanna start a band with my family
we'll sing about the things we don't talk about
we don't talk about
mom and dad please shut up
you're talking a lot you're not sayin much
it's so overwhelming why don't you tell me, what's on your mind?
what's on your mind?

I wanna start a band with my enemies
we'll sing about the things that we can't stand
that we can't stand, that we can't stand
pick your clothes up
take a bath
dump your boyfriend, stop feeling sad

i still think you're good
do what you know you should
i know you're good
Track Name: philly
started doing things i knew would make myself feel better
like sleeping naked, drinking water, making lists, and running miles
smoke a lot less weed
wrote down all my insecurities
and then i ate the paper
i got a lazy mouth
i got a lazy mouth

but i'm so into my friends
i have crushes on them and when i grow up i wanna move to philadelphia
i wanna hold your hand and i wanna be in a punk rock band
i got thin hands
i got thin hands

well this year i know i'm gonna be good because i told myself i would
not gonna call you at night
sleep alone, without any lights
water my plants so they stay green, and i'm not gonna be mean
to girls that i don't even know
i got tired eyes
i got tired eyes
Track Name: too nice outside
can't fake that it doesn't get to me
it's been two weeks, since we've talked
and i keep listening to old voicemails
and reading you letters
hard to miss someone that all your best friends hate
and you don't tell me anything
i'm no longer your rock
i'm not anybody's rock

i wish that you didn't fuck up
i wish that you didn't fuck it up
i wish we could have kept it quiet
but i just can't keep quiet

been feeling real distracted
and sort of underwater
can't miss you if you won't leave
but i never expected it to be this bad
how did it ever get this bad?

i wish that you didn't fuck up
i wish that you didn't fuck it up
i wish we could have kept it quiet
but i just can't keep quiet
Track Name: walk the dog
mom, won't you please leave
i can see you're not happy
in sprawling suburbia
walking the dog and giving up
all you do is watch tv, and drink too much coffee in your bed
to soak the bad thoughts in your head

used to be your therapist
all i did was resent it
now i sit miles away
writing this wondering what you'd say

all i wanna do now is get rid of your permanent frown
move home and walk the dog
on a sunny day with you mom
Track Name: whiskey song
spill whiskey on the floor
i can't stay here anymore
gonna brush my teeth and leave
please don't follow me

i promise i'll watch the door
make sure your cat stays on your floor
i can walk alone i'm fine
thank you for an okay time

don't have a crush on you
nothing i want you to do
would be cool if you said hi
still think you're a pretty nice guy

walking home it's so damn cold
thinking bout how i'm getting old
and my life feels so finite,
but i think that i'll be alright

think that i'll be alright
i'm not going out tonight