by sleepovers

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released December 19, 2016

all tracks were recorded live in the basement of 30 Clifton thanks to Steve Folsom- who set everything up, recorded every track, and only let us buy him pizza in return

as always thank you to all the beautiful peeps in worcester for singing along



all rights reserved


sleepovers Worcester, Massachusetts

sleepovers is marina khananayev, hannah corbin, and jacob folsom-fraster. just a bass, drums, guitar, and some ambiguous feelings.

we're lookin to play shows in and around Worcester!

email if you want us to play!
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Track Name: red underwear
my friend she's wearing red underwear
no one will see it but she doesn't care
my friend i wish i could be more like her
leave a bar alone and still be on good terms with myself

cause she don't need a man

my friend she's wearing red lipstick
my friend she doesn't care if she's getting dick
and i wish that i could do the things she do
but i think that i'm still obsessed with you

cause she don't need a man

my friend she sleeps with all her lights off
and in the morning her skin still feels soft
and i know i'll see her drinking coffee at our table
after i've slept alone if only i am able

cause i don't need a man
Track Name: walk the dog
mom won't you please leave
i can see you're not happy
in sprawling suburbia
walking the dog and giving up

all you do is watch tv and drink too much coffee in your bed
to soak the bad thoughts in your head

used to be your therapist
all i did was resent it
now i sit miles away
writing this song wondering what you'd say

all i wanna do now is get rid of your permanent frown
move home and walk the dog
on a sunny day with you mom
Track Name: too nice outside
can't fake that it doesn't get to me
it's been two weeks since we've talked
and i keep listening to old voicemails
and reading your letters
it's hard to miss someone that all your best friends hate
you don't tell me anything
i'm no longer your rock
i'm not anybody's rock

and i wish that you didn't fuck up
i wish that you didn't fuck this up
i wish we could of kept it quiet
but i just can't keep quiet

been feeling real distracted
and sort of underwater
can't miss you if you won't leave
but i never expected it to be this bad
how did it ever get this bad

and i wish that you didn't fuck up
i wish that you didn't fuck this up
i wish we could of kept it quiet
but i just can't keep quiet
Track Name: neighbors
i can hear my next door neighbors breaking up
she's yelling she knew it was never enough
i'm experiencing a sadness that doesn't belong to me
and her voice keeps breaking
i feel like i'm the one who can't speak

she says she tried so hard, but she knows it isn't working
let a person split you in half
baby we're all deserving of a pain that great
does your chest feel like it's melting yet
of a pain that great
can you taste the color of a million sunsets
when you asked him if he loves you like he used to
when you asked him what else there was for you to do

what else is there for you to do?
when he's not in love with you

and i watch your lights go out in the window
and i'm feeling strange you don't know that i know
i wish i could tell you that i love you
even though you won't believe it
i wish i could tell you that i love you
even though i know you don't need it

there's nothing soft in the way he says your name
Track Name: tinder
wake up with you, so tender
the morning's new, whatever
myself with you, so easy
you laugh at all my jokes

i'm not funny
i'm so funny

i leave the house so nervous
i'll see her out, your ex-girlfriend, your ex-girlfriend
but you're so nice, it's gross
is this right? who knows, i don't know

the universe it folding
and it makes me scared
will you hold me?
let go of me
Track Name: dark thoughts
sometimes i think about all the shit that I know has been talked about me
don't wanna leave my bed
but i can't be alone with it in my head
i put the kettle on and i make a real quick phone call to my mom
and i get her machine
and my guilt eats at me

well i've been everybody's baby for way too long
sometimes it kinda felt like i could do no wrong
had to confront all of the ugly parts of me
i guess this is what they meant by living responsibly

had this plan in my head since i was fifteen
if it ever got to much, that would be the end of me
i could leave and live alone in the great big woods
so hard to control it even though i know i should

all these dark thoughts
coming at me from strange parts
when will my head feel clean
when will my head

and if i ever get a handle on myself
i swear i'd be so much for someone else
but it's too messy in my mind
to keep my distance is the only thing that's kind

all these dark thoughts
coming at me from strange parts
when will my head feel clean?
when will my
Track Name: i wanna start a band
i wanna start a band with all my best friends
we'll sing about the things, that make us proud
that make us proud, that make us proud
i like getting high, i like having sex in parking lots with you
might not make myself feel proud,
but it sure made me feel good
made me feel good

i wanna start a band with my family
we'll sing about the things we don't talk about
we don't talk about
mom and dad please shut up
you're talking a lot you're not sayin much
it's so overwhelming why don't you tell me, what's on your mind?
what's on your mind?

I wanna start a band with my enemies
we'll sing about the things that we can't stand
that we can't stand, that we can't stand
pick your clothes up
take a bath
dump your boyfriend, stop feeling sad

i still think you're good
do what you know you should
i know you're good
Track Name: tight jeans
lookin at me like i've got something to say
truth is i try not to think a lot these days
and if our emotion is really stored in our hips
then my whole fucking body is so full of it
i feel it most in the early part of day
hair made of sediment, the rest is made of clay
and i'm dressing myself in stripes and tight jeans
and you watch me in the mirror, tell me sometimes i can be mean

i spent the better part of yesterday
staring at a screen feeling so far away
cracking my shoulders and clearing my throat
making any human sound to feel less alone
it's not really sad it's just the nature of this year
knew what i was getting into when i chose to be here

i need something exciting
i need money for groceries and weed
i ned a name for this feeling
i wanna kiss all of my friends and family
and i would like to drive to brooklyn
but my car won't make it there, no my car won't make it anywhere

i feel at home in so many different places
wish i could pick one bring all the best faces
i feel so spoiled thinking back
to how you and i met
you and i met
i was the luckiest girl i bet

i need something different
i need someone to remind of myself
i want a bed that doesn't squeak
when i am in it with someone else
doesn't mean that i don't miss you
cause i would drive to you if i could
but my car won't make it there
no my car won't make it anywhere
Track Name: to do list
Wake up, the sun's comin' in
It draws sweat from my chin
I smell your armpits
I do not mind it

Write down all my to dos
I wanna cross them off with you
You say you're busy
I feel unsteady

When we spend time alone
I keep checking my phone
My thoughts go crazy
You never liked me

Clean my room it's a mess
To think about you less
You are the moldy mug
I don't want to pick up

Bike to the grocery store
The same shit, I bought before
I am a soaking sponge
The water of everyone

So I call my dad he can't talk
I breathe and check the clock
It's almost time for
You to knock on my door

Laughin and makin out
Act like we don't kno how
I feel your smile
Blend in with my own

We talk about the end
The smile fades from my lips
This conversation
Ends before it has begun

You yell, I cross my arms
I set my phone alarm
It's 4am
This fight doesn't mean anything

You go sleep in my bed
I stay, I'm silent
You are an island
I never learned to swim

Wake up, it's time to leave
You say you're sorry
I cross it off my list
I'm glad it ends like this
Track Name: whiskey song
spill whiskey on the floor
i can't stay here anymore
gonna brush my teeth and leave
please don't follow me

i promise i'll watch the door
make sure your cat stays on your floor
i can walk alone i'm fine
thank you for an okay time

don't have a crush on you
nothing i want you to do
would be cool if you said hi
still think you're a pretty nice guy

walking home it's so damn cold
thinking bout how i'm getting old
and my life feels so finite,
but i think that i'll be alright

think that i'll be alright
i'm not going out tonight
Track Name: hot dog song
i was dancing never stopping
lights go on i'm not going home
lights go on i'm not going home

let's get hot dogs
this place isn't too far
and they're a dollar fifty each
c'mon it's my treat

i was sleeping you were next to me
you put your feet on my feet
it's still cold even under the sheets

woke up in the morning
sun came in without a warning
i go to work and let you sleep
there's still glitter on your cheeks

i could spend hours talking about nothing with you
i could spend hours let you tell me what to do
cause you're my best friend
i'll eat hot dogs with you til the end